Date Lab

So when I first moved to Alexandria I did put in a Washington Post Date Lab application. So this is basically a blind date that they send you out and you take pictures and let them know how the date goes and they write about it.

Three years later they called and I went on my very own Date Lab. I am still laughing about it now Date Lab: Can a match made by mistake spark a May-December romance?.

I have the link above. You can read my comments on it and the readers comments.

2 people I know read it and reached out to me. How funny is that one at my current job and one from when I worked at the Dept of Energy.

He was a nice man, he was young and could not even appreciate being friends. I guess I could have guessed that because he already had children’s names picked and he had a life plan. I wish him the best that it goes accordingly, as life rarely does.

I did reach out to him prior to publication to let him know my age. I guessed his when he told me his first concert was New Kids on the Block when he was 5. I also told him it would be cool just to have a friend that surfed and had a dog too.  He was kind in his email reply but it was obvious my eggs had shriveled and he was looking to mate.  LOL

Here was my email to him. I cannot find his response, but it basically said we were in two different places in life.



First I wanted to let you know I really thought on this and I felt an email was better than a phone call only because a blind side at work would stink.

I was able to figure out your name from finding the only XXX XXX Attorney outside NH/MA. So that is the level of my sleuthing skills. I hope Jxxx Fest was a wonderful time and you are reunited with General Sherman.

So, this is me stepping out of my comfort zone entirely. I may seem very extroverted but I am not the one to typically reach out in this situation.

The thing about me is while I may not be a mermaid or fairy, I do believe there are no such things as accidents and I am listening to my intuition. I do not think it was a database accident that we were introduced.

So from that opening let me tell you what I have been thinking.

First and foremost, I really had a great time. I enjoyed our discussions; you did not talk too much about your mom or your family. It was endearing really. I was the issue; I got into my own head when you told me your age.

It really does not come across that you are 30. It is not good or bad and it is really just a number. And that said I have my own number too. It is not good or bad it is just larger than yours and a span I was not used to being on the higher side. It was typically the number of years greater than mine I have dated.

I think we had a lot of similar interests and I was hoping we could continue to keep in touch and become friends. I have had a lot of difficulty finding “like minds” in this town. And who knows maybe Hatteras will be macking and it will be great to have someone to call and say let’s go. Or maybe there is a concert or festival or some cool historical find to explore or a neat place to take the pups who knows.

I am hoping you are open to this friendship because I think you are a pretty cool person and I really enjoyed our short time together.

And here is my closing information. You deserve to know that I am 46 in real time but I am pretty young at heart in real life. I feel that in relationships it’s always better to tell the truth and I feel I should be the one to tell you not the Washington Post reporter.

I read comments for last week and I know now I will have friends read them for me because I think some were cruel and they paint people in such a light it is not true and really mean. I do not want to be fodder and with that I wanted you to have all the information prior to publication.

I hope we do get to be friends. My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx


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