Into the Mystic, a tan can change everything

I love Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic. It is so mellow and it is very relaxing. I just thought of the song for today’s post. I am reflecting on the changes I am currently making in my life. They are many. I am getting a divorce. I am looking at a job change. I want to move back to California and my family. I am working on this blog and looking at other opportunities. More importantly I have been doing a full life overhaul, in my thoughts, actions and my appearance.

This has been a long time coming for me. I had been a drift for so long that at times I did not know who I was and what happened to me. I have taken this to heart. I was sluggish, I was sad and I was not happy. I took control after reading Suzanne Somers books on aging.  I have now been on bio-identical hormones and I feel like a new person. My testosterone was about zero when I went and had it checked. I would come home exhausted, I could not focus and I was getting insomnia. I knew something was wrong. The hormones have made all difference in getting me to ground zero.

I started a workout and eating regimen, that was doable and supportive. No more getting lost in the gym alone and then giving up. This time I was serious. I went back to Isagenix and Carol Elizabeth’s Slims Program CEME Link.  I had joined before but I was not ready. It sounds like a cop out but if your head is not in the game you will not be able to win. This time I started moving the work out and my wake up time earlier. I get up at 3 every day before work and work out to Willie Wil Willitary Fitness the workouts I choose for 35 minutes. I eat with the program and it is happening, the physical transformation.

More importantly, the mental transformation has been happening and it is subtle. I went back to my manicure and pedicure routine. They make me feel pretty. I started back to the Mystic Tans tans. I feel better tan, whether or not it is healthy to be tan, I feel better. I changed my make up and I have shifted more in this 7 weeks than I did in the 7 years it took me to slide here.

I am on the upswing meeting my goals and getting healthy. I am excited and I know this is the life I deserve and want.





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