Blaze and unconditional love

I had the best boy in my 20’s. Trail Blazin’ Scot. He was the best puppy ever. I got him when he was being retired as a working movie dog. My first husband brought him home to me. He was our pride and joy.


He was a great buddy. He had a great personality. When I divorced he went with me. He was really not meant to be an apartment dog but he was a trooper.

When I got with my second husband, it did not go so well. I tried to get him to adapt to the town home and it would not work. I was so freaking upset. I had to make a decision. It was the toughest decision ever. I found him a home with an elderly lady who had a yard and would be there for him.

I cried myself to sleep for 6 months straight. I miss him but you know he taught me a lot. I knew he would be suffering with me. And I turned out to suffer too so was best in the end he lived with the woman in Valley Village.

People would ask me if I visited and I had to say no, sometimes if I was in the valley I would drive by but it tore me up inside too much. I could not have done that to either of us. Sometimes I look at Mackey and I think this is the same soul. That gives me solace.

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