New Page Continuing the Journey

This is a new start for me and my blog. I have previously posted on Blogger. I believe that today we shame ourselves, we shame other and we try to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. Sometimes at the expense of others.

I am taking a page from Robin Roberts and making my mess my message. I know I have had a lot of experiences the same as others. The thing I have found about some of the experiences is that they can and have been used against me. In the end when  we do that to others we make people lesser.

I have found joy and pain in my life. I also wish people could see that experiences make us who we are and it is in the way we respond that makes all the difference in the world. I do not think I am special, I think that we all have the ability to come out stronger from every experience.

I am going to transfer all my previous blog posts to this site.  I am going to keep posting about the daily experiences and thoughts in my mind. I am also going to continue reflecting on past experiences and sharing them.  I guess I think of this blog as an average girls Sex and the City without the Christian Louboutin shoes. I share all aspects of my life as well as my reflections of the past and today.

I am not ashamed of my life or my choices. I believe there just choices and they are not classified as bad or good.

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