Aqua Man

I love the beach. I loved living at the beach. I cannot say enough about my soul and the beach. We belong together me and the beach. So it is the beach that would bring me Aqua Man. As you read, you will see why I refer to him as Aqua Man.

A girlfriend and I had a routine when she would come visit. We would walk down to Hennessey’s and have breakfast on the roof deck drinking Bloody Mary’s, the breakfast of champions.  One summer morning, we went to have breakfast and sadly the rooftop was full and we were not going to wait so we ate on the ground floor patio.

It is not out of character for us to be boisterous and the topics to be adult in nature. The topics in this blog are just the topics that we discuss.  At the time she was married and I was single. There was a wait and we had 2 seats. Two resourceful men asked if they could sit with us. Of course we would never turn two good looking guys away.

As it turns out,  one lived in Hermosa and one lived in Huntington Beach. One was bald and the other, I cannot remember him now for the life of me. Unfortunately the one I fancied lived in Huntington. We did exchange digits. I liked this forward thinking to ask us to sit with us.

We left and they got our table, win/win. Later I did get a call and we met up. Initially he thought I was my friend and once he learned she was married, I was in. I guess later I  would say he was in. LOL. He was handsome, funny, had a dog, and my dog liked him. We would meet on and off when he would be in the South Bay.

He came by and we hung out when the Cross Fit Games were going on and I lived close. When he was in the South Bay he would reach out and it was always fun and positive. The year we met was my first year living off of Hermosa Ave and the water. I was turning 40 and that year I planned a party to celebrate.

I had everything ready, I picked up the food the night before and on Saturday morning I went to Torrance Bakery to pick up the cake I ordered. He called while I was waiting to pick up the cake. He told me he was at my place. I said I am not there, he said he knew and Mackey let him in. I was like get out of here. You are kidding. He was like I was playing Volley Ball and I stopped by to see if I could take a shower. I said when I get home sure, then he told me he was in my shower.  Aqua Man was born. I said prove it, and he told me what products I had in the shower. I could not get home quick enough. I came home to find him naked  in my bed. What a great surprise.

He was a real go getter and had plans to do things for himself. I admired him. He packed everything up and moved to China to strength train Olympians. He is good looking, smart, funny and driven. We kept in contact and after all this time. He had a trip home from China and he called me from LAX and I picked him up.

I was living in Westchester so it was 5 minutes to pick him up. This was the first time he slept over and it was all very comfortable. In the morning I took him back to Huntington Beach where he was meeting his friends. We went to breakfast at the Sugar Shack, which had more memories for me with my second husband.

I learned even more about him at breakfast. Parents kept coming up to us and telling him how much his influence had made to their children. He was so warm and kind, all things I had sensed he was in my interactions. I was so intimidated, and I wondered what he saw in me. It made me sad he was going back and I was scared to investigate more.

I had not thought about him until this week. I stalked his Instagram, he is still hot, single and now is posting himself stepping out of his comfort zone playing guitar and singing. Lucky me. I stepped out of my comfort zone with the support and encouragement of girlfriends. He responded and let’s see where this goes. He now lives on this coast. Stay tuned.

The return of Aqua Man.

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