How much do you bench press?

The friends episode when they were on a break happened to me. I am sure it is a regular story for everyone. I really think that sometimes I think more like a man and when you would think that is a good thing, not always.

I was totally on Ross’ side when him and Rachel broke up on a break on Friends. So when I was on a break I did not understand why I was the bad guy dating other men. Again I think 21 and ditzy was the answer.

When Giovanni and I broke up I was crushed, it was Senior year in college and I was so spoiled. We would be at every new club opening in Chicago. We would eat out at the best restaurants, we constantly went to see Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang so I was happy. My parents divorce was probably the initial rumbling in my life before it went totally crazy.

I was not dealing with the divorce well. Gio he had parents married in Italy who had waiting until their 40s to have him. We were night and day. So when he said we needed a break I was crushed.

The man my mother said should be my husband swooped in. Well we were just friends, but now that I reflect he was smarter than I thought then. We would go out to Erik the Red’s and hang out. While there he let me flirt as I thought we were just friends. I went up to this jock who was on break from ISU and asked him how much he benched. LMAO now.

When Gio came back saying we should try again he realized I had been dating and then I was Ross and he was Rachel. How does this crap happen? As I have said before it still did not end here with Gio.

I just find the manner in which people say one thing and mean another is crazy. It just happens to be crazier when you are 21.

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