Jesus Complex – Maybe I have it?

I keep reflecting and I think that I have the Jesus complex. I would always accuse my guy friends of trying to save the girls (usually strippers).  However, I think I have the girl version of this.

I do not look for whole, healthy men. I think I have in the past pulled the covers over my eyes to avoid the damage they had too.  I think maybe I overcompensated for how damaged I felt and I did not want to be judged so I would not judge them.

Wow, that is a huge revelation. I deserve whole, unbroken people in my life. I am not by any means saying that they cannot have had issues. We all have issues and scars but we should not be hemorrhaging.

People in my life should be able to administer their own first aid or seek professional help.

Today, I unfriended some people who do not fit that and deleted their numbers out of my phone as well. Healing on this end too.

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