First O ever – how do you let him go?

Looking back at first boyfriends, I think the first one with a huge impact is the one who takes you to the Big O. Well, this was a surprise and I think since I found this so young in life it is probably the other reason I have such a healthy drive.

What I think is amazing is that back in the day, shall we say. I do not think I really understood an Orgasm. I think before the Internet a lot of us were lost. I was only 17 but the information was not really there. I do not remember when I learned about the clitoris or its functioning.

So when Jim and I would get together I guess I was just going through the motions. Then when he did hit I was hooked. Do it again, do it again. I am cracking up looking back because we would typically be at his dad’s office building in the offices how crazy were we?

I think this was the only time in my life I remember getting rug burn. I also have zero idea how I explained this because I went to a Catholic High School and I wore a skirt with short socks every day.

Laughing to myself today.  Thank you Jim.  : )

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