Bozo came to work and I cried

So I think the worst trait I have is I think I can do anything. You may think this sounds great and it is an excellent trait. Well, in my opinion the Helen Keller, Me do in me causes issues.
1) I am not an hair dresser
2) I am not a hair colorist
3) I am not a dermatologist

When I first got to LA I thought I could go from a red semi-perm color to blonde all by myself. I was drastically mistaken.

4) Corrective Color is costly

I knew I screwed up when I came into the office and the guy in our “enclave” noticed. This was a guy that never noticed anything. When he said I see you changed your hair, I knew I was Bozo. I cried. Then I made a costly appointment to have it fixed…..

See sometimes we just need one comment to realize how bad it really is.

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