He is 50 should he really need to talk to a priest to do me?

So he was hot, he was Italian and he was a personal trainer. I met him at Church so it had to be right, Right? Well I think there were clues early on that maybe I should have opened my eyes a little wider.

We had been dating for 3 months and I kept thinking this weekend was the weekend. I mean for God’s sake I had my hood fixed and everything. So I asked him what was the hold up. He told me that he wanted to check with the Church. Seriously? We are Catholic and I do not think we are getting married but ok. I am not sure who he talked to in reflection.

He was 49 I was 32, so really I would have thought we would have had an idea of our own morality at the time. As it turns out when he started personal training he was dealing drugs and had done other things that he felt he was repenting.

I did get my way and it was mind blowing but what was the cost? Why would you need to ask? I should have seen this as a flag along with the color thing. Well he told me his neighbor told him women who paint their rooms purple are lesbians. Really? WTH?

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