Bennihanna – Peek A Boo

So I met my second husband on a blind date. The first date was nice he came to my office to pick me up and off we went. The first date was at the Charthouse in Redondo Beach, this was also the last place we went to dinner as a married couple.

The second date well it was a little bit odd.

I know I have told you I had a stalker before so I am always extra cautious walking my dogs. I was extra cautious then because it was still pretty fresh as an experience.

He came to get me at my apartment but he was early. I lived in Sherman Oaks on one side of the LA river and I would cross a path to take Bobo for a walk. I saw a man crouching over there and I did not realize it was him or that he was on the phone so I walked Bobo elsewhere.

Shortly after the walk he came to the door. He was bearing gifts. I got Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. I will never forget that gift and flowers. We went to Benihana in Encino for dinner. It was a typical Japanese dining experience and we share the table with another family. What I do remember from that part was that after dinner the women were all putting lipstick on at the table and I was like how rude. The irony is after we lived together and were married, I could never leave the house without lipstick without an issue from him.

I just remember him talking a lot about his friends wife Nina. I did ask at one point why do we keep talking about someone I do not even know? He toned it down. I realize now that he did not have a lot of points of reference to discuss with me at that point.

He was a gentleman and he kissed me good night and he went home. Obviously there was a third date and more….

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