Easton Hockey teaches trust your intuition

Did you ever have that nagging feeling something was not right? Even when others told you it was ok? I had that experience and you know what I learned? I learned I could have dated a terrorist, a literal terrorist.

I was very active in Church and I would attend Black Tie events all the time for work and for friends workplace charities. I met a guy at Church and something just seemed off. He was nice enough. He was Canadian, he was active in the Young Peoples group at Church and he liked me.

My friends were like you should go out with him more. I was like there is something about him. So I took him to a Black Tie Event at the Beverly Hills Hilton. He had a nice tux he was pleasant and all my girlfriends loved him.  I was like hmm. Something says NO.

So he was working at Easton and I got some inline Hockey Skates and still I was like nope. So I told him we were not a match.  He faded into the past but still was active at Church.

I then met my second husband and I stopped with a lot of the events at Church because we lived too far. So into my engagement I get a call from one of my girlfriends from Church. She asked me about Mr Canada and if I knew anything about him. I said no. She said well he was arrested by Homeland Security for plotting an attack on US soil. His storage locker was filled with explosives, guns and ammunition.

I never followed up with his situation but I did realize when your gut tells you things are off. They are off and you had better listen.

God Bless the USA and all that protect us.

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