Ben Who? Self love!

I was so determined to figure out my issues in my first marriage I really started to explore everything. That included every part of me. I think I really was Pollyanna until that time even if I did own a vibrator. I was going to figure out what was wrong with me. The irony is I was not the issue, it was my husbands issues that were the problem.

So mail order was the main way to get anything before the internet. I had heard about learning more masturbation techniques and I bought a video that came with an odd dildo to help you improve your vaginal wall muscles in conjunction with kegels.

I am so glad we now have the internet. I bought a video and it was I swear done in a commune somewhere in the desert. The women were not attractive and seriously I am wondering who else except the women on the video all masturbate together. I am not that girl.

Before I left Chicago I bought BenWah balls (sp?). I think that this is the oddest idea. So let’s take tiny metal medicine balls and stick them in our woo hoo. Let me tell you I must have a tiny woo hoo because this was not in my wheelhouse at all. I found this to be too uncomfortable. I am all for getting to know me and what makes me happy and improving but I drew the line here and tossed them into the trash.

I think I will just sit here now and do my own exercises in private or maybe I am doing the kegels at my desk, better no one knows besides me.  🙂

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