Om is the Universe – Not 35

I am a believer that you are drawn to the people and things and actions the Universe wants for you. When I was finishing my Dissertation I was just starting my meditation practice.

In meditation I kept feeling the strong need to have a tattoo of the OM symbol and the Peace Sign on my wrist. I kept telling myself if after 2 more days I will do it and then the 2 days would pass and the feeling to do it did not so I would push it out. After 2 weeks of this I did go get the tattoo. The Tattoo Artist thought it was pretty cool, initially he was going to make it larger and I said I do not think so.

In the time since then I have had a lot of questions about it. The Om symbol means the Universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth or you can take it to the Universe as in GOD and see it is all encompassing. 

If we can have Peace through all of these things then life would be so much better for everyone. When things get crazy I remind myself to incorporate peace into everything. It sounds so simple but really we make it difficult.

I have had crazy comments about it and really it is on my body and I am the only one who needs to be ok with it. Most people are respectful and sometimes I am even surprised when they get the meaning and the symbols for themselves.

Be you, find you, express yourself in your own way. Be proud and find what ever it is that helps you move forward.


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