Never tell your girl you took your ex here on a vacation

So I think we have discussed the trainer before but I am still looking back in disbelief. We would go up to Monterrey to visit his sisters and vacation. This you would think would be a relaxing time. I liked his sisters they were normal people, they ate normal food and I think they liked me too.

We would often drive together going places instead of taking more than one car. So it would just be as a matter of fact when he would drop these comments on me.

So I went here with Susan, we stayed in this motel. We would go here for dinner, and on and on. So not only is there nothing new for me to experience with you but you are saying this in an open car with your family. What in God’s name was he thinking and what did his sisters think that I just sit through it.

Again I realize the Good little girl in me has always jumped out and made it ok to just accept behavior or actions that are not acceptable.

I am so glad I finally let her out and have worked to heal her.  I am #1 and I am first. PERIOD.

Ironically I never took my own advice putting on my oxygen mask first to help others later. This totally explains why I was often on the ground passed out. (Figuratively)

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