Law Enforcement Officer Loves Dog

They say a dog is a chick magnet, he can also be a dude magnet. My yellow lab was always attracting people. I think that looking back I can see at least 3 men I dated that were attributed to Blaze.

Blaze was a great dog. I am so sad I made the decision to give him to an old lady who could love him and be with him all the time. Just want to point out I see the decision for what it was and I still accept I made it.

I used to walk him on the CSUN campus and a certain police officer would find us every time.  He was a handsome man. He also turned out to be smart. He had been accepted into the USC Physicians Assistant Program.

He was a charmer and it was a short lived adventure but I know Blaze brought him in and it was not so bad for what it was then. He was a kept man, can you believe it. See it is a two way street. It was playful and fun and I owe it all to Blaze.

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