Car accident the life clue crezendo start

When that voice in you starts to speak and you start to listen, you need to continue to listen.
My second husband was a force. I worshiped him and I wanted it to work. The first time I got the strength to confront him on the issues that were beating me down it seemed to do alright I thought he was going to change.

We were headed out to see Walk the Line. It was a rain storm in LA, and we left San Pedro headed to Century City. We were on the 110 right past USC and a large black SUV cut into my lane I swerved in my SC430. It started a chain reaction crash of 6 cars. Miraculously, no one was injured. My car sustained a huge amount of damage and the vehicle that caused it drove away.

While we all waited for a tow truck and police officer a man pulled over in a van with his children in the vehicle. He gave his name and phone number and said he would let the officer know what happened. I believe in paying it forward so I had zero thought this was a joke. I gave the officer the number.

My car was badly damaged and required a flat bed. We had it towed to the dealer in El Monte. All the way home I was told how irresponsible I was and how we could lose everything because of my careless behavior. He went on and on how I should not have left my lane and it was all my fault. I was a wreck.

By the time we got home I was exhausted. He came upstairs and I was sitting on the bed still shell shocked. He told me I was nothing before him and without him I would still be nothing. Something deep inside me snapped. I had been working through this relationship for 3 years and I guess this was a moment.  He told me later I had a look in my eyes that his ex had before she pulled a gun on him

Well I never pulled a gun, I did charge at him and told him He was NOT who made ME who I was and that he was NEVER to talk to me like that again. I was crying in my room. I got it together, got my dog and loaded the dog in the car. I was headed to the Valley to see friends.

As I was pulling out of the garage he asked me where I was going I put the car parallel to the garage and rolled the passenger window down and shouted: Maybe today will be your lucky day and I will die this time and you can collect all the fucking insurance because money and things are all that seem to be important to you.

I know I came home and we made up but I knew then I still had to leave, I did not leave for another year and a half. My point is you know when the Universe gives you clues and you should listen.

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