Stranger to Angel on a Plane

So when I realized my Jesus project as it turned out was really a Frankenstein. I was devastated. I got to the airport 3 hours early because I could not believe the depths he lied to me. I was clear I was open and I got my teeth kicked in (figuratively only).

I was a sobbing mess and I could not figure out what I was going to do from that point. It was like I was a HS girl and crushed again.

The flight was delayed, YAY! I wanted to scream. I just wanted to get back to my house and my dog and cry in private.

Well it was Southwest so you never know who you will get next to you. Well a little waif angel sat next to me. She started a conversation about moving to Seattle and how she might be her best friends nanny. She too was at a crossroads.

The flight connected in San Francisco to LA and the plane had issues so we had to change planes. This was crazy as we were already ridiculously late. So we were delayed another 2 hours. So my 2 hour flight was now about 8 hours and I was emotionally drained.  I eventually fell asleep for a short time and then I found an oragami note tucked in my hand. This is what it said:

Dear Friend  August 22, 2012
The right job will open up for you at the right time Smiley face
All is not lost. I too have had things not pan out as I thought they might, but in the end I continue to look back and see the beauty that comes forth from the ashes.
Bless you and remember
Perfect Love casts out fear
Warmly Kelsey signed wiht a flower

Well if God doesn’t place people where they are needed? I would disagree with anyone who cannot admit this to be true.

Her friend was not going to be able to pick her up so I let her stay at my home. Her friend picked her up the next day.
She is my friend to this day and I am glad, he dumped me, I am glad I did not get the job, because I am now connected to this wonderful person.

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