No texting exes

So I have gone over this more than once. I told my husband when I moved in with him and found FB messages from his ex, that had to stop and I was crystal clear it was a deal breaker.  I guess I should have taken into account, he deleted all his emails and his trash regularly.

Maybe it is just something innate in him and he cannot help himself. The fact that I told him before we were married the behavior was unacceptable and he still did it, he has a huge ego. The other thing about it really boils down to what I read in those first emails. It was all about hiding things from me.

Since I was supporting him I even offered the women to move him to them, they turned me down. Bitches the women and him

Obviously missed clues. Oh well, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and in his case it is without him.  Hasta La Vista Baby!

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