Dick Pics

This is all I am going to say about this topic for now. I will expound once I am ready to process this divorce and relationship. I anticipate it to be sooner rather than later.

No woman wants to receive dick pics. If she says she does she is either lying or a freak. Maybe gay men want to see a dick pic but a straight woman does not want to see it. It is not exactly attractive. Sure we like what it can do for us, when the owner has a clue. But other than that, keep it in your pants, in the dark, the bedroom and for God’s sake do not text, face time, Skype or email it.

My ex knew enough not to send it to me, but those women who did get it, you are GROSS.  The fact he had the picture saved and did not think I would recognize it, is even more ridiculous. Hello gentleman, we know what our mans cock looks like and we can pick them out in a picture. YOU ARE STUPID to think anything else.

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