Universe brings like people together in friends and lovers

Over the past 8 weeks I have noticed a shift. It is a shift in the people coming into my life. I always believe people come at the right time and for the right reasons. I think what does make me nuts is when I try to control it. This control attempt never works.

So I am going with the flow. I realized I have a Canadian Soul Sister who inspires me probably as much as I inspire her. She makes me cry and I make her cry. We give each other the support and push the other needs. It is really funny how we both ended up in this women’s shape up group.

She shared something about her life and the reason she took action. It brought me to tears. It is what I wished my mother did. It was almost like she was healing the child in me. She told me that I inspire her. I think I am just a goofy broad who is broken and damaged. She is showing me that it not the case at all.  Baby steps for me.  : )

The other person who appeared well he was not planned either. I would venture to guess he would say the same for me. Well like it or not here we are. I think there are many things that we are meant to teach each other. The first is trust. I know he is the first man to have a friendship base and now to know more about me than most people. Sharing this blog with him was so scary and a huge step for me in stepping out in trust. He said we would always be honest with each other and I believe that to be true on his end as it is true from my end.  Again, from my last experience this is huge to be able to remain open.

Of course it is complicated. Well that at least gives me time to really step back and continue to work on me and not be focused on him. It also allows me to see what is real here and what is not. What is possible and what is not. By no means am I limiting the possibilities, I am just being more realistic than I have ever been in my life.

Life is short and I have to clean up some things and then re-evaluate. I am not sure what he thinks of that or my take but I am sure he will tell me once he reads this posting.  I guarantee he will know this him. He has things that he at some point will have to address for himself. These are not my issues and I have no skin in that game. I will support him and be realistic. I want him to be happy more than anything and enjoy life as he deserves it. Life is not something to mark time and suffer. This I am 100% sure is true.

There is also a shift in people leaving my life. The ones that do not belong. I have deleted exes from FB and from my phone. I have no desire to go back and since I am moving forward there is no need for them to be a part of my life. I have said it before if FB and Social Media did not exist they would not be in my life and therefore DELETE DELETE. Move forward. I do not need the Albatross of the past around my neck while I am creating a new beginning.

Here’s to new beginnings, new adventures, new stories, good health and lots of happiness, love and joy

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