Ky for the dog?

So Mackey was at it again. He was humping his bucket (his dog bed) The picture shows his bed and his usual spot near it. It is not new behavior so I left him alone. Then I see him sitting on the couch looking odd. I glance over again at him and his lipstick is out aka red fred. I tell him put it away. His penis is never hanging out. I surely do not want to look at it.

So I go about my business. I get into bed and and he is already in bed and acting odd. The lipstick is still out. I thought he needed to go out, so I let him out. Then I see his penis is looking the the center of a flower and the skin is all puckered.  So I think put some baby oil on it that should do it. Nothing.

I am panicked thinking this is an emergency vet visit. $$$. So I google, My dogs penis is stuck out. and I found an article.  So this is Paraphimosis. What the hell it has a name. So I read it. “An owner can apply some lubricant (personal, sterile surgical, moisturizing lotion, other) to the glans penis and gently try to press it back into the prepuce (or slide the prepuce forward over the glans).”

I go and find the KY. And I put it on his penis and worked the fur back up. A hand job for a penis the size of a thimble. Problem solved.

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