Fear is there for a reason

I was set up with a friends husband’s friend. He seemed nice enough. I will admit that I know I did not want to be alone. So maybe that had a lot to do with this relationship. I met him after I met my first husband. I took a break from dating my first husband to see how this would go.

He admitted a lot about himself. He had been married before, he showed a sensitive side and he was almost too honest. I never forget when people tell me things that could be important later. When he admitted hitting his ex-wife I was 26 and I have no idea why that did not tell me to leave immediately.

He basically moved in with me at one point. He brought more ammunition and weapons in that I imagined were in the Waco compound. He told me that he got to take things from crime scenes and I believed him. Wow was I naive.
Christmas was upon us and all of a sudden I noticed that the weapons had been removed. I was piecing things together but thought it was Christmas.  I had figured out he was cheating and I still wanted to make nice for the holiday.

It may have sucked for a long time but when I realized he might really hit me like he admitted hitting his ex, it was time to go. I was angry about something on the way to his parents for Christmas. I got mouthy which is not a stretch. He was about to blow and I cringed against the door as I prepared to be hit. He stopped and he took me home.

For whatever reason a couple days later I went by his place to get my things ALONE. God was I clueless. Never did I ever think I had Angels watching over me before as much as that day. I went there, he was not home. I left and he caught me leaving so he started following me.

He had failed to remember one thing about the city he resided – the friend who had always been there for me, his dad loved me and was the chief of Police in that city and 2 of my other HS pals were on the force. So as it went he called for back up to say I was following him. He had passed me and was in front of me. I passed him and slowed down.

Next thing I know 6 police cars come flying up the street and I am 2 blocks from my town. As I gather my insurance and Drivers License out comes one of my HS friends then the other. They ask me what the fuck is going on? I tell them. It is not the story he phoned in.

The wife beater was on a special drug task force. There were officers from his town on this force (he was county). He was laughed at and ridiculed for this. No charges were filed. The chief asked my friends what was going on and he laughed at him too.

Weird things happened to my car in my parking lot for a while but I knew he would go away eventually. I never trusted a cop to date after that incident.

I now always trust my inner voice and my intuition, it saved me twice in this story alone. Trust yourself.

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