Dropping the friends that no longer match you

Girlfriends they are supposed to be there for you in thick and thin. You think you know them and when they betray you it is deeper than the betrayal of any man. I had a friend for over 20 years and I thought I knew her. I knew her but I failed to realize who she was and how she impacted me.

I am thankful that when I moved to DC I was able to stay with her. The problem is I saw exactly who she was and she was nothing like the friend I made her to be from a distance. She was a callous, manipulative, vindictive, unhappy and bitter woman. She was a constant gossip and I learned the hard way exactly who she was as a person.

Brene Brown talks about being careful who you share your life with and how they have to earn it.
She has studied shame and she has studied vulnerability. You cannot be vulnerable with everyone they must earn it. They can shatter you with the things you share if they misuse them. This friend was really a frenemy.

She shared my personal life with her daughter in law without my permission, under the guise that I would have allowed it so she just did it. She shared my intimate life with one of my coworkers who was her friend. That was the line, that was the end of the road. It devastated me but I cut her off like mold on cheese and did not look back.

The reality is we are all on a journey. We grow and change and the people around us need to be of like mind and if they are not the Universe finds a way to release them from you. I was brokenhearted and alone in a new town. It just exacerbated the situation of transition for me here in VA. I made other choices in the state that I am just clearing from my life.

I am not mad, I am grateful. The Universe taught me a lesson and I had to make changes and realizations. I will no longer keep people in my life who are not positive people and gossips are never allowed.

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