Role model Cousin who it turns out you have similar paths – Namaste

Cousin Sandy well I thought she was the coolest when I was in second grade. I did not even spend that much time around her but I guess I felt the connection. We are family but I also am sure as the day is long that she is my soul family first and foremost.

I always thought she was the adventurer. Even after she moved away I was like someday I will move away too. It seemed so brave and of course it was brave. So she moved away, I lost track of her and I still always remembered be enamored by her.

So fast forward 30 years. It turns out she is a Yogi, it turns out she is a Spiritual Person who believes in similar things. This is just a confirmation from the Universe you know your people immediately and they leave an imprint on you.

I am so happy to have connected with her again.

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