Is my hood pretty?

Eventually the enamor I had with my piercing faded. I can say at a lesser level I understand why men adjust their junk. It is uncomfortable when clothes twist skin around that had no business being twisted. It was annoying. So eventually I took it out and hoped it would close.

After a period of time it did heal. I think that we are all self-obsessed on perfection. I am and was at this time probably more so. So when I met the personal trainer and we were starting down the road of romance I started to panic. I had noticed I had grown scar tissue over the former piercing. I looked at it with a mirror and was horrified.

Let me be clear this was not a huge amount of scar tissue, it was just raised. In hindsight I laugh my ass off every time I think of an relive this story. So in what realm did I ever think a man would analyze my woo hoo to that extent? Well it was my real world.

This was the life changing moment when I realized I am not a Dr.

So in my infamous 30 something wisdom I think I can remove this scar tissue myself. My tools were as follows:
A never needs sharpening Scissors
Dental Floss
Cotton Gauze
The powder you put on a dog claw to stop bleeding
Large Magnifying mirror

Initially, I thought I could just tie the dental floss around it and cut it off. I lost my nerve more than once and gave up on this approach.

Plan B I will let the skin just die in the dental floss

Panic set in and I realized I cannot do this so then I tried to remove the dental floss and I could not get it off. I had to add a needle to the tool list. I finally got it off and I was relieved.

So you really did not think I would just let this go right? Nope. I made an appt at my dermatologist in Beverly Hills. Dr Pat was laughing her ass off after I told her the story. She asked me what I was going to do when the bleeding did not stop as the area has a huge blood source. I told her the septic powder and she was like are you kidding? I said no, but why can’t you give me props for stopping. I think she was still shocked A) I had a piercing and B) more that I thought I could remove it myself in the manner I laid out.

I am happy to report my hood in my opinion is pretty again.  Thanks Dr Pat. She gave me a local and fixed it up good as new.  : )

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