Cliff Cadaver

Married to my first husband seems like a million years ago, of course it is not that long ago, but I have remembered things I would think I could not forget.

When he was more interested in jerking on his little head I was beside myself. I could not figure out why this was happening to me let alone how to fix it. I had a very high sex drive and as I have previously posted my male friends thought it was hysterical I was getting turned down for sex. They thought it was a woman to a guy thing. Whatever.

I had become friends with my hairdresser. I loved her then and I still love her today. Somehow we got to talking about piercings. She told me she had her hood pierced and I was curious. I had short hair then and was regular about every 4 weeks getting a trim. So one day I asked her about it. She showed me hers in the bathroom, I knew then I wanted one. It was so cute.

So I am really a planner and a thinker at heart. I thought about it and kept asking for more information. I started thinking this would be a great way to get things turned up again in my marital bedroom. So I found Cliff Cadaver, the same guy who did hers.

I want to clarify this was before the internet really had all the info we need. In my mind I thought I would be getting my woo hoo done like I had done at Claire’s Boutique as a girl on my ears. WRONG! I also was not into the mannequin puss look yet. These are key points.

So I go on a weekday in the afternoon to his shop in Studio City, not the trendy part (at that time), he has since retired. I had no idea what he would look at and he was a big guy in comparison to me and had a huge beard (the link above does not reflect this) and dreads.  I still am like Alice in Wonderland walking in the shop. He takes me in back and then shows me the table with stirrups. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I GOTTEN INTO? Why I would not think this was important and part of it is beyond me.

I get on the table panties off and feet in stirrups. He then says the bush has to go and brings out sheers. Ok I am still freaking out but I am determined, and it is cute. Next thing is I see the 11 or 12 gage needle, WHOA!. I can do this. He lines it up and it is quick. He puts in the barbell and off I go.

I think I was in shock for a day after. Then I tell my husband and show him, EPIC FAIL. He is more scared of it than I was of that needle.

I learned that sometimes surprises do not end the way you think.  I kept the piercing longer than the marriage.

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