Civil Service Check!

I was at work and a friend who was going to turn 48 comes up to me and we are chatting. Somehow we get on the subject of three ways.  I think he initially thought he was going to offend me. I replied, been there, done that, got that tee shirt in my 20’s. He was freaking out. He mentioned everyone he was talking to about this had done it but him. I said let me be clear I did not dip my toe into the lady pond.

Again me and my guy friends, we were close. In hindsight, maybe too close. No, not really but for the time it all worked out. One night I was at my apartment and my pals were room mates at theirs. Somehow on the phone we get to talking about a porn they recently watched. I was getting ready to move to LA and they were like we should do this. I thought about it and it was a safe environment, and it was 2 guys. WINNING.

Not so much. I felt like it would have been better working in Chatsworth gettting paid. It was totally directed and put this here, that here, do this blah blah blah.  I had an antique bed and we broke it. That was the highlight. I made sure they both got off but I was like I am done this was over rated.

What I can say about this experience is I have done my civil service, a cop and a fireman. Good for me. That was the one and only and last one.

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