A sauna solves addiction, Say What?

Leah Remini has brought the curtain back from the Scientology world. I had one small encounter that my gut told me to Run, Forest Run. I did and boy am I glad I did not get sucked into it.

It is not a shock in my posts and blogs that I try to figure things out and that this has been a growing process. When I was married to my first husband I lived in the San Fernando Valley and I had an woman who had a beauty business and she gave  amazing skin services.

When I was struggling with my husbands addiction to weed. I was complaining to her. She told me she could help me. She told me that her Religion could solve it. I was a Catholic and I was unsure of this but I went to this meeting.

The initial meeting seems ok but then it is like a ponzi scheme with no payout except salvation. They told me they could solve his addiction with a Sauna. It would sweat out the addiction issue. I was like I am gullible but I am not that naive. So I kept asking questions and when they would suggest things i would come up with a block that they told me could be solved with another class.

Holy cow again this was one of those experiences I had forgotten. I am so glad I got out of there. I do remember coming home and telling my friends that it was worse than buying a car and I thought I would never get out of there.

The Leah Remini series sheds a greater light on it and how it has destroyed families. I am just grateful I did not get pulled in and only saw it one time and ran.  

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