DD in a magazine in the bathroom or your bed

I still have not been able to figure this out. My first husband had a very odd habit. The masturbation is not odd unless you realize he would choose this vs me. He would hide all his Juggs magazines and think I would not find them.

I always have had more male friends than female friends. When I would complain he did not want to have sex with me, they laughed their asses off. They said this is how men feel. I was like I am not a man and I would have believed you I did not need this lesson. I had a high sex drive, I just wanted a healthy sex life.

If I checked the cable bill there would be a shitload of porn bills. I was not watching with him. The fact was he worked in the Entertainment industry so his hours were odd. But that was not the issue, he would do it if I was out of town, he would jerk off in his bathroom if I was in town.

To this day I have zero idea why but it took a toll on me. Eventually, I realized this behavior was not going to change so I had to let it go. I moved on. I am still friends with him and his sister is still one of my closest friends. He never married again and I have let this go.

I only want a man who likes the real DD vs a magazine and I am not referring to Dunkin Donuts.

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