We are friends let’s try

Have you ever had that friend of the opposite sex that you were totally platonic but still playful? Well I had a friend like that and we realized we were better at trying to help the other find a mate than trying to hook up.

Everyone assumed we had carnal knowledge. This was not the case. One day we went out to the Sagebrush Cantina and came back to my place. Someone assumed we were a couple and then we discussed it. Maybe they were on to something? So we attempted to have a hook up. EPIC FAIL. Sometimes there is a chemistry people see and then behind closed doors it is not real.

It was so awkward all we could do was laugh. We were naked laughing our asses off.

I was so happy when he did meet Ms. Right. I was not sad it was not me, because we were great friends and had great memories. Some things are just not meant to be anything more that what they are to you.

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