Shake the reality into me

I had a really great friend who was always there for me when I needed him. I am so sorry to this day we lost touch. I send good thoughts to him always. We had said if by 30 we were single we would get married and have a family. Well that never happened. He has gone on and I creeped to see he has a family and I hope what they post is true behind close doors because he deserves that happiness.

He was a great person. When I was in my darkest hour sorting out the Doritos mess, he came by one day. Let me give you the background here. As much as I tell you it was just a decision, I was traumatized. I was going out every night weekdays, weekends, going to work still drunk. This was the most out of control I had ever been in my life. I worked 30 miles from my apartment and I did not take public transportation.

He showed up at my apartment on a Wednesday in December. He did not come over randomly. I had been ratted out. Never would I ever say it was almost too late but I am so glad he stepped out and took a stand with me. He called me out on my behavior the drinking, the random men I would hang all over in the club.

It takes a strong friend to call me out on my shit. And let me tell you my shit was everywhere, I was lost, and broken. He showed up at my apartment, and I asked if he wanted to go out. He was like NO. I was like ok I am leaving shortly. He was like NO you are not. I was like what is the problem? He picked me up by my shoulders and literally shook the crazy out of me.  He yelled at me that this was not who I was and that I was better than the behavior.

He shook me until I began sobbing and went into the ugly cry. He sat with me until I could breathe again and he made sure I got in my PJ’s and he tucked me in bed.  That is a good friend. I have told that story a lot and maybe he knows he made a difference, maybe not. I will never be able to forget it, he saved my life.

Sometimes Angels do not have wings, they are disguised as humans. I have been touched by Angels and I have been and continue to be Blessed.

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