Saran Wrap is not a sex toy? Is it?

Again, I look back at some stuff that I had long forgotten. A friend from college was a friend with benefits. His parents thought we made a great couple. I realized he was not mature enough when I did explore this aspect. So before we went our separate ways, we had carnal knowledge. In college and after, he was a few years younger and that probably had the biggest impact on why it was not great timing.

I was going through a divorce and he came into town on a business trip. His company had a big celebration. It was at Disneyland, a day at the park, a black tie reception, perfect day. Before I left my house he says can you bring some saran wrap. I am thinking he has leftovers or something. WRONG!!

In the years since we had seen each other, he was a lot more exploratory than me. Regular visits to the House of Wax ball or whatever it was called at the Chicago Limelight. I look at this now and realize that I appreciate full disclosure when a man says I am kinky, I like alternative whatever. This gives me the opportunity to say “Sorry this is NOT me”.

We have early access to the park, we come back to the hotel, we change, we go to the black tie. It is a great day. Then it all changes, he asks about the saran wrap. I am looking around like what is it for? Then we get intimate and he obviously took some saran wrap before this. I think he is going down for generosity, then I realize he has saran wrap over the lower part of his face. I am like WTF? He is like wait this is really good. I am like how? He then is rubbing his chin on my clit, asking me how does that feel, it should be awesome. I am like STOP!!! I don’t like it, not my bag and I am going home.

At least when I look at this, I was true to myself. Not my deal, it is okay, if that works for you, I just need to leave. For the record, I did touch base with him and he told me he found a girl who was a swinger and they went to all these ‘events’ together. Good for them.

Bye, Bye Bye!

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