Tip the Bell Boy

I look back at life and let me tell you I am not embarrassed, and I will own everything I did. Sure there were things that were not great and I wish I had made other choices. However, let’s be honest, we do the best we can with what we have at the time.

I went on trip to Vegas and I had not thought about this in so long that it now cracks me up all over again. My “little brother” laughed his ass off when I shared this story years ago. I am in Vegas on a business trip. The bellboy was a grown man. He was hot!

I have no idea how we kept connecting because this was really before cellphones took off. I can’t tell you that part but what I can tell you is that we did meet up a couple of times outside the hotel, in other casinos. I had to share my room so nothing was going down in a normal sense.

What I do remember is checking out, I requested him to pick up my bags. My roommate had left for the airport, and when he came to the door I was naked. It was a quickie but really just what I needed. He asked if I had any protection, I said “Are you kidding I am girl scout, I come prepared.” LMAO.
Seriously, these are crazy times. Always, be prepared, I think that is the boy scout motto but I am using it. I took more than the tip and I think the reality was it was not sex it was just the thrill.

Again, I was super self-conscious, why? I think that I look back and if I could tell younger me one thing, “Be happy with you, always. You are beautiful”

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