Baths only Man?? Weird

I am really a bathing kind of gal. I love the bubbles, I love the smell, I love the relaxation. I also use it to clear my energy so believe me when I tell you I love bathing and I do not forsake anyone taking a bath. However, I have my limits.

I was getting to know this man who was definitely older than me. I had some infatuation, that I cannot really describe, maybe it was the sports connection, I have no idea. Maybe it was a past life connection? I do not know but I felt a connection. I also realize that I have a need to nurture and to save people. I should just stick with animals, dogs, birds whatever and I see that lesson. Now back to my thoughts at hand.

We met up and I came over for the weekend. This was the first time I had really spent time with him. So the next morning, we wake up and it is time to go out. I say I will jump in the shower and then he can jump in and we can go. He tells me he does not need the shower, he only takes baths. WHOA! What? I mean I love a man in my bath it is sexy but somehow this took a turn in my head.

I will admit that this somehow took me by surprise. First, because he traveled a lot and I am thinking there is no way I would take a bath in every hotel. I am a germophobe. Then I am thinking do you sanitize the tubs everywhere you go? I ask him so this Jacuzzi tub in your house how often do you sanitize it? He said never. GROSS, OMG TOTALLY  DISGUSTING. 

This took all the wind out of my sails for this guy. Dirty baths, only baths, freaking me out.
I am judgy  I get it. But I will still lay this down on, the more you know, (Maya Angelou). I know it is a stretch but I am sticking with it.

Going forward this should be a dating question. “When if ever to you take baths?” Let me be clear I think this is even with the Hallmark Channel addiction.

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