Strength in yourself – walking away from abuse

There have been many times in life that I had to dig deep to make a decision. It is this inner strength that I know I personally have forgotten I have within me. It is when my back is against the wall and I panic that I realize my super power.

The reality is that we all are able to be our own super hero. We can save ourselves most of the time. It cannot happen in all situations but it is important to listen to yourself. You already know the answer. Just trust yourself.

When someone does not love you or respect you to the level you love and respect them, you need to reflect why.  I think, I am too loyal. I want to believe that people all have the same intentions as me. Well, a lot of times I am definitely disappointed.

If you are being abused, you need to realize you do not deserve it and you can and do better. It may not always be an easy situation to rectify, but it can be done. Set your mind to it and it will manifest.

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