You want me to do what to you? Whoa!

I recently saw an online profile that stated clearly “I am into kinky alternative sexual experiences, if you are not, please do not contact me”. At first I though holy cow, I thought, that is brilliant.

 I was in a serious relationship and probably too far in for me to easily get out. I was also in an emotionally vulnerable place. I am going to be clear that I am by no means a prude, I will try things and check it out. I think it is perfectly acceptable to say when it does not work for you.

Although I had to have my friends clarify it is ok to say no. I never dipped my toe into the lady pond, I always wondered about Anal and that is as far as I ever went. I think that it is ok to try things but when they gross you out, you should flat out say no. I think in this case I would have been happier if he had been a furry. I would have dressed up, I think so at least. But when someone enjoys golden showers and being shat upon. I am not sure I can handle that and I should have been clear earlier.

Sure, I think there are self worth issues there. I would not want to make someone feel bad about himself but I think some things are too far. I am adamant about no bodily fluids on my face or hair so I felt that was enough said. I think it is ok to have your own fetish. I just think I should have been clearer in how I looked at those needs. Just be honest and upfront early. There is a lid for every pot. You are more likely to find someone with that like fetish if you are clear about it early. The earlier the better!!!

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