Catholic guilt can’t fix a lifetime drunk

Living in Los Angeles was far enough from Chicago to keep my parental drama at bay. I was obviously raised to believe that you take care of your elders. My father has been a lifetime Alcoholic and he has been sober at times but he could never really shake the bottle (can in his case). I was living in LA and I was having issues at my job. I realized my dad was having worse issues than he told me besides his diabetes and his finances. He had me sign a letter saying I was helping him out so he could get food stamps. ou. Years of not paying into Disability bit him in the ass, when he could not claim anything, luckily he was paying into Social Security. He was unable to sell his house as it was not in salable condition. I thought about things and decided to quit my job so I could finish my Doctorate and help him fix his house to sell. He could not believe his luck and my generosity. I moved back to Chicago in February, dang it was cold and culture shock. I worked every day all day for the first 4 weeks, just to get things in order. I never worked so hard in my entire life. This was hard labor. I also replaced his washer and paid his utility bills that were in arrears. In the meantime, working my classes for school and searching for a new job. I finished the house in May and it was after that he turned into the drunk I new. Once a people user, always a people user. He started to become verbally abusive to me just as he had been with my mother. It was then that I decided I had to leave. It was not a great situation, but I did find a place to sublet and moved out. He was angry, I took the TV I bought, I cut off the cable and I cut off the satellite radio. I will not pay for someone who does not look out for me and appreciate it. I was able to get back to LA in July staying with a cousin. I got my own place in October. In November my dad called me to leave a drunken message that said he never wanted me to contact him again. WOW! This was the last communication. He is still alive but he has lost some toes, had heart issues and that is all I know. I wish him the best. The bottom line is you should take care of yourself and not allow anyone to take advantage or abuse you.

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