Aqua Man

Living 1/4 block off the strand in Hermosa and 5 blocks to the pier was a really good time. I do not think I took advantage of it fully but I did have a lot of good times. One Saturday a girlfriend and I went to Hennessey’s and had breakfast and Bloody Mary’s. We sat next to 2 other guys who were nice and good looking. At some point before we left we exchanged numbers. I did not think anything of it, as if there would be a call I would not have bet on it. Well Jerry called me. Initially he asked about my friend and once he realized he was married she was out of the picture. This was the beginning of a hook-up arrangement that worked for us both. He lived in Orange County, I was far enough away that I thought it would work. He was a personal trainer. He was ripped. Everything about him was surprising, and I mean everything. He was funny, he was in shape and he was hung. I appreciated everything about him and he was attentive in every way. We would hook up if I was available and he was in the area. The two times that stand out the most were on my 40th birthday and when he arrived back to the US from training the Chinese Olympic Volleyball team. On my 40th birthday I was having a big party that evening. I was running around getting everything ready and then while at the bakery in Torrance, it was Jerry. He asked where I was and when I would be home. I told him and I asked him where he was, he told me he was in my place. I was like, what?? He then told me he was going to take a shower and I tried to call his bluff but he told me everything that was in my shower. I came home and he was in my bed. My girlfriend and I renamed him Aquaman. What a story. Then fast forward a year or two. We obviously kept the numbers. He called me at 10:30 at night, he needed a ride from LAX to OC the next day. I went to the airport in my PJ’s and picked him up. We had a great night and I took him back to Huntington Beach in the morning. We went to the Sugar Shack for breakfast and he was a celebrity from all of the people he had trained that knew him. I was still cracking up at the way I knew him and although others may say I am no plain Jane, I always think that I am not as pretty as I am. At breakfast I kept saying how is it I am here with him. Looking back, I am glad I had you in more ways than one in my life Aqua Man.

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