Sporty girls do not change

I am just dumbfounded on the fact people do not get it when you clearly tell them who you are and what you are about. Maybe it is a deaf infatuation? I am not sure. I think it is appealing initially for men when I tell them the truth I am a sporty girl. Sporty girls follow their own teams and their own sports. They cheer loud and they understand the rules of the sport. You can say it is an attractive thing initially, but maybe if he is not sporty enough then he feels less masculine? So if I start our relationship in the midst of a Blackhawks run for the Cup. THE CUP! You already know I am a huge fan. I love the tension and I am from Chicago and I have ridiculous rituals to ensure I am NOT the jinx if and when my team loses. That moment when you are irritated 3 years down the road because you are not getting attention when one of my teams is making a Championship run, makes me like you even less. You need to sprout some balls and man genes and enjoy the game. OK I have realized this issue is really you. You hate that you are not sport oriented in any way and that you resent people with talent. This is something they earned and worked for so why you are pissed that they get the attention is something lost on me. If I say they have the money to do what they want it irritates you. I think in the end you are jealous. You wish you were athletic, and you had gotten a scholarship. But you never work at anything, you are inherently lazy. So to be jealous is even sadder than just not being able to make the same goals. You do not even try. This is a a HUGE turn off.

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