Cherry Popped now cut the cord

Sometimes ties just go on and on. I think there are moments when we try and make up for things we cannot resolve. I dated a guy for over a year in HS and JC. We were in love for what that means. The problem in hindsight is he was a virgin and I took it. I think if I was a man it would be no biggie. As a woman it is different. I know when we broke up it was sudden and dramatic. We had gotten caught having sex at my parents house twice. The second time resulted in a lifetime scar on his face from my father boot and me having to go to therapy to be allowed to stay in the house. A lot of emotional scars are in me from my parents but that has ZERO (at least I think it is nothing) to do with the rest of the story. Brian and I connected on again and randomly from this point through our 40’s. He married my Lex Luther if I was Superman and I tried to get him to rethink it. At that there was no internet so it was business Trip hook ups. I think I thought we could start where we left off. It was never the case and I thought I could make up for being mean in the walking away. Well let me tell you it is never repairable. When I realized my husband was cheating on me and I was leaving, Brian was divorced and single. We started with texts and phone calls. I realized early on he was like William my soon to be ex. He wanted someone to take care of him. When he would suggest I move to Chicago so he could move in with me, I realized he was like my ex in a different form. So I would ignore it. I went to Chicago for a wedding and I spent the weekend with him. So it was good sex and it was peaceful. It turned out he lived near my cousins so it was really nice. He would text daily Good Morning, Have a great day I love you. Then came Thanksgiving. I suggested a little naughty time on turkey day. He agreed. I heard nothing from him until the Tuesday after. I assumed that he went back to his ex gf. I called him out on it and all he could cop to was we need to talk. DUDE, kiss of death. I do not know why this bugged me when I was not that into him and I was looking at other options. Then it hit me. It was my ego. I should have walked away earlier but I got caught up. Seriously I should stop looking back and only focus on the forward. Lesson learned. We are done Brian. Good luck, the cock work is not that great to hold a woman you need more game.

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