Dating in DC is tough. In general it is tough especially in your 40’s in a new town. I met Dante (who names your child after the inferno) on When we did speak on the phone it was an easy conversation. I was not holding back. He was Hispanic and he said something and I asked if he was scared of the Chupacabra. He was like how do you know about the Chupacabra? Well there were specials in the 70’s on WFLD in Chicago about Big Foot and other monsters. The Chupacabra well it resonated with me. I have no idea why but it stayed with me. I met Dante for Pizza in Old Town. It was good pizza for DC. I enjoyed the conversation, but have you ever had the feeling that this person is so much more into you that you are into them? Then you realize this is OK but you do not want to see this person again. You try to be polite but you think to yourself I can get to my car and be gone in how many minutes. He was nice but it was clear he was more into me than I was into him. No real spark. I think the killer was the name it is so negative to me and really I never could imagine moaning his name in any circumstance.

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