I am Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda

I was thinking this weekend and I realized I am definitely a compilation of all the ladies I loved in Sex and the City. I am sure we are all like this. We can look at the characteristics and behaviors and we can relate to certain episodes and the experiences. I know I have never had the wardrobes or the homes that any of the ladies had in the show. I do know that I have shared my Mr. P*ssy experiences that totally related to Charlotte although she was smarter than me. I look at Charlotte and I am the same way about wanting certain experiences and aspects of my life to be perfect. Sexually I am Samantha and always have been. Even when I was having hormonal issues I knew why I was broke because my Samantha was fading. I also look at her career and personality and I believe I am ballsy and stand up for myself. “I love a big hard cock” She said it like I would. 🙂 Clothing, I am a classic yet funky gal. I think this is the Carrie in me. I also have issues with an ex, who is not Mr. Big in the show profile but nonetheless I have had that passion I cannot turn off and there were the fantasies that we would reunite. And I love to write so there is the Carrie in me. The Miranda is the education that I have attained. I think the part I would relate to her is that she is a successful woman who cannot get the romantic relationship correct. So I know I cannot be alone. I also believe this is why the show was so wildly successful. All the stories meld together and we can relate. I think if you loved the show and you look at the episodes that resonate it is because we have all had similar experiences. The best Christmas in my adult life when I was alone I feel I was not alone. I binge watched the entire series the weekend of Christmas. I think I felt that I was with friends and I could relate. I miss the girls.

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