Slow go -No go

If I had a dollar every time someone told me to slow down, I would be rich and never run out of money. I am a doer, I get things done. I do not have time to slow down (in my mind). Hell I just figured out this week that I did not get the Gorilla glue to work because I was using it wrong. I had never read the directions, so I read the directions and it all made sense why it did not work the last time I tried to use it. I ended up throwing it out. I realize that sometimes when I am not successful I will need to try something new. I was on after moving to Alexandria and I met Joel at the Starbucks in Old Town. He was nice and it was a nice conversation. He called me and we met up for dinner. This was not a common pattern as he was not consistent but I felt it was better to try the going slow. We went bowling and it was a good time. I did not feel a giant spark, but I was committed to the go slow and it will spark theory. It just never took. I never got a kiss or anything. He would call sporadically over a four month period but it never changed. So I kept thinking he must be interested but was shy. In the end I had to just give up. The weird thing is went into his fade mode for 4 months and then called to go out. I was like really? I will not go too hard on him because this happened with others in the online dating world and me. The think that is odd is that there must be a lot of women who them men “bench and/or ghost” and they come back as an accepted behavior. I am not that girl. Move along.

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