Trainer – mold me into his perfect mate

In my 30’s I was very active in my Parish in Los Angeles. I would volunteer and I was very active in the community. While I was dating Mr. P*ssy, I volunteered for the Octoberfaire and was assigned the beer tent. I worked it every night. It was a great time. I made a couple of new friends and there was a man that I thought was hot and fun. After the festival I did not see him again, nor did we exchange numbers. Fast forward to New Years morning Mass. I was working the Mass and he came up to me after Mass. We did exchange numbers and we started to date. It turned out he was friends with the personal trainer in my company’s gym. Awkward but I was still willing to give it a go. He was good looking and a gentleman. As it turns out I was not the Shape Magazine model he was used to dating. So it was a step outside his comfort zone. We would do things together outside and exercise and I would push myself to keep up. We did not become intimate for an extended period of time. He was trying to figure out his spirituality and he went to speak to someone at the Church. I guess this would not have been weird except that he was 49 years old. When we did cross that bridge it was fireworks. We had issues throughout the relationship and to be honest I think the fact I am a pleaser made the relationship last as long as it did. He told me once that he had a client who was a psychotherapist. He confided in her the issues he had with me having an average body and he told me that she said to “mold me into what he wanted me to look like”. Maybe this happened maybe it didn’t either way it is crazy. First to share it and second to believe it would be an easy task. We had issues and I would push back later in the relationship. It lasted over a year and the final blow had less to do with Harry Potter and more to do with what you share and what you do not share with your partner.

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