Find woman and make a family – right? Wrong!

I sometimes think that people think that family and love is a recipe as in a 40 day timetable. I met a man online that I wanted to see how things went. The things I think that men forget when they are in a vortex is that you are giving clues all the time. This man was a Physical Therapist. He talked about freelancing and working all the time. This is odd but not as odd as having full custody of your 8YO boy at 52. He told me how is ex wife had issues and his steps son was odd. Even eluding to his step son violating his son. He told me how he could not have anyone ever stay over in the custody paperwork and was pissed I would not drive 8 hours to meet him. I had been going to my nephews football games up and down the coast and he said it was his turn. At some point he openly told me he was looking to find a woman to marry so she could take care of his son and be a family. I thought out of respect I would tell him why I was done. I said an ex with anger issues screams drama and I am not in a place for that so I wish him well. He was pissed and wanted to defend it as if I was going to change my mind. Seriously, walk away with dignity. SMH

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