Air Force – PTSD weatherman and a pompous finger missing twit

Wow, can bring you all kinds. I moved into my new place in Alexandria after staying with a “friend” who as we all know was really not a friend. So I joined Match to meet people and I met all kinds. I think the thing I did realize quickly that moving there had a huge concentration of military. I have the utmost respect for those enlisted because after watching Private Benjamin in Grade School, I knew it was NOT for me. I met a couple of men who were Air Force and they seemed nice enough but I think that both of them had a more in common than the branch of military. They were both game players, whether intentional or unintentional. The weatherman, who knows if he really was a weatherman because there is a lot of story telling on Match. He was definitely damaged from the wars and possibly other things. I had a lot of correspondence with him. We talked on the phone daily and I thought it was going well. At some point I thought after 3 weeks we should meet. It would be scheduled then it would be cancelled. He told me his twin came to live with him to take care of him. I still do not understand what was the issue but I was definitely putting it into the category maybe you and I are not going to be a :Match:. When I did meet him he was an hour late and had to rush off. He still wanted to communicate after this and I was like, we are done I wish you ell. I met another AF officer and we did meet up. I never felt like I was on trial or display in such a way before. Let me be clear, I know I am an attractive woman. This tool kept trying to test me and say things to me about looks. Sometimes in the worst situations I continue to work to be polite. I was looking at him thinking you are not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Why am I the bad person here? What makes you think you are hot? You keep putting the hand where you are missing a finger in a manner that makes me think you want me to ask. I AM NOT GOING TO ASK. You are an ego driven freak. You are not that hot. It was not a match. I mention this story because I still had my shit together to say buh Bye! It was shortly afterwards were I retreated into my fear and ego and made a choice I am working my way out today. It seems that fear can sneak up and you can be consumed even after having the strong face and outward view.

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