Princess of the Valley

The movie Life is Beautiful, was such a powerful movie. The one line that eventually got me into trouble because I so fancied it was from Guido: Buon giorno, Principessa!. I have been referred to as a princess and in my mind I wanted got be treated as such. The movies sell it, the fairy tales bring it to little girls every night every where and we buy it. Even when Princess Diana found Prince Charles we all said see it is possible. What we failed to look at was it was not all roses and sunshine, it was just a dream and a facade. I was living in Sherman Oaks, a part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. At the time I had just had a devastating break up. Again, here is a clue that is a common denominator. Harsh break up, lost feelings, a heartbreak wound that was huge, it was me seeking triage. I sought triage in the worst place. I went on a blind date and the die was cast. This date changed my life forever. In the end the best thing was I got a furry little wing man named Mackey but the initial worst part was I had to say good bye to a blonde furry wing man. I had a Yellow Lab named Blaze aka Bobo. He had better senses than me at that time. He was not a fan of Alan and I should have clung to Bobo not Alan. I allowed myself to be swept into a whirlwind. I ended up moving in with him and marrying him. And yes I divorced him too, although that took a lot more courage and a lot more time and energy. So where does the line come from? I was living in an apartment building and my neighbor Carol would always say we are both princesses. She was and is a mother figure. So on my first date with Alan and he used the line I thought was magical I said this must be a sign. I fought any barrier that appeared so I would stay on path with Alan. WOW, was I a lost sheep. I will say I did find Bobo a home that would love him. It was a senior woman who lost her dog. I was devastated and knew he could not live with Bobby and it would not be fair to him. I cried myself to sleep for 6 months. It was devastating. People who knew me would ask me about him and I would choke up and cry. I miss that pup, but I do believe that Mackey is his reincarnation. So I have made sure he has the best life PERIOD. I think that while there are coincidences, I know now I need more than one clue to make a decision about my life. I cannot be sad about Alan or my choices, I just needed to realize that no decision is good or bad it is just a decision and every decision comes with its own reality.

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