Mr P*ssy the Hairdresser

I loved Sex in the City. I think every woman loves the episode where Charlotte dates NYC’s Mr Pussy and cannot break the habit. I met that man in LA, however he was not a serial oral sex man. He was overly needy and very emotional.

I am an independent woman and I will admit it when you meet a man who has his oral skills perfected it is hard to give up.  I was fixed up with him by my hairdresser. She was like he is perfect for you. He was perfect in many ways, he could cook, he was great in bed in all aspects BUT….

He was overly emotional and he was needy. I am not one of those women who wants to be with you 24/7. I have a life and friends and plans.

Just like Charlotte, it was the hardest thing to do. Breaking up with Mr. Pussy is tough. Just like Charlotte I realized he has to be let free to go and pleasure other women. It is not fair to keep him all to yourself. OK that is just what I tell myself. I am more inclined to tell the truth here that the trade off was too much for me. I had to let him go free so he would leave me alone.

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