Chivalry is REAL and I expect it and I deserve it

I think that men today really believe that chivalry is a farce and the 80’s bumper sticker “Ass, Cash or Grass nobody rides for free” is applicable in life. has not been a great experience for me and it really does not matter what state you live in they all seem to have a common denominator: “I took you to a nice dinner now pay up”? What the Fuck? I am not really sure that this is an actual math problem. You go out to dinner, you have nice conversation, you go for coffee, whatever. This is not an equal part equation you solve with sexual relations.

When did this become the norm? Maybe men who think like this should look in the mirror and realize you are not worth it and it is NOT a guaranteed outcome. It should also be noted this is probably why you are alone. I mean thankfully some of these idiots out themselves early.

I expect you to open the car door for me to get in and get out. I expect you to wait for me to be served my meal before you eat. I expect you will hold the door when we go places. These are not outrageous requests and they are not requests from me, they are expectations.

I think dating should be looked at like a meal. If it is fast, cheap or greasy I want no part of it. So when you think you deserve something from me you had better reflect on why I would do that for you? Did you earn it? Do you respect me? Do I respect you? If you have any question on this then the answer is NO!

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